The Fuel Helpline (RCA students and alumni only)

The Fuel Helpline provides up to two hours of confidential assistance to RCA students and alumni on a wide range of business, careers and other professional development topics. The Fuel Helpline is staffed by a team of experienced mentors.

LATEST - the Helpline is currently CLOSED. Please refer to the Resources page for other sources of help.

The way it works - please read carefully!!

1. Enter your RCA log-in at the end of this page to access the enquiry form link. Please note the following:
- Your Username must be entered as <first.last> (DO NOT include
- Password: as provided by the RCA. 
- IMPORTANT: after you log-in this page will refresh and the Helpline link will appear at the end, though the rest of the page will look the same as before. 
If you still have problems after trying the above please contact us at
2. You give some background and ask a specific question using the online enquiry form.
3. Fuel Helpline staff provide information and guidance, pointers to other sources or contacts by email, and a short phone discussion if needed.

4. You take it from there - the decisions are all in your own hands.

1. Do not leave your request until the last minute as you may not get a reply for at least 5-7 working days.
2. Before completing the enquiry form (link below), read the small print first...


        The service is offered free of charge to both current Royal College of Art students and members of AlumniRCA.

        Topics covered
        The Fuel Helpline is for business, careers and professional practice enquiries only (tax, copyright, freelancing etc). For help with financing yourself at the RCA or other personal matters please contact the RCA Student Support office:

        You should seek help from your Programme tutors or other contacts, consult the materials on the FuelRCA website and visit the Fuel library Collection (Computing Room, RCA Library, Kensington) before contacting the Fuel Helpline.

        Application method
        Enquiries to the Fuel Helpline are only accepted via the on-line enquiry form and in English. Please enter your RCA log-in below to access the form.

        Responses will be by email and/or telephone and we will normally get back to you within 5 to 7 working days. Since this cannot be guaranteed due to limited resources, please give us as much notice as possible. Later, we may ask you for your feedback, so that we can keep improving the service.

        Available help
        The time input to provide the response to each enquiry will normally not exceed two hours. The service reserves the right to limit the number of enquiries by any individual in the interests of the service as a whole.

        Your questions are confidential to the RCA and its authorised agents, mentors or consultants - the responses are offered in confidence for your personal use.

        Your personal information is needed for operation of the Fuel Helpline service and by providing personal information you are consenting to its use. Such personal information will be used by the RCA to identify you as a unique user, and the information will not be shared with any other entity or organisation, other than authorised agents, mentors or consultants to the Royal College of Art's FuelRCA professional development service who are required to provide any assistance or information you have requested of the service. Summary or statistical information about the Fuel Helpline may be shared with other organisations.

        While the service is provided in good faith for your guidance, neither the RCA nor the individuals providing the service accept any liability arising from information or discussion offered as part of the service.

        Difficulties or Complaints
        If you have a difficulty or complaint with the service, please put these to the Fuel Helpline co-ordinator at

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